Cross-border M & A Advisory & Transactional Services

Stripped of all its complexity, the successful sale of any company hinges on two critical issues. These issues are:

  1. The FUTURE of your company as an ongoing concern. Is it a viable business model, with a strong management team, a proven market position, resistant to obsolescence, with pricing power and a competitive edge?
  2. A viable, competitively generated OFFER from a motivated Buyer, who wants to use the acquisition to strengthen their own competitive position in the market.

With these two realities in mind, I offer my clients a guided approach through the complex process of a business sale. I work to help owners achieve the best sale terms while striving to ensure that the sale progression is as smooth as possible and that confidentiality is maintained. From the time I am engaged, I work in a team-oriented fashion, with you and your advisors, to help you achieve your exit strategy goals. Key elements in a successful sales process:

  • Development of a quality buyer base;
  • Preparation of a valuation;
  • Development of quality marketing materials;
  • Marketing;
  • Negotiations;
  • Closing.

Selling a business can be exceptionally time-consuming for a business owner. Beyond quality of life issues, the operating performance of a business during the time it is on the market is critical. I strive to make my client’s burden as light as possible during this period so the owner can focus on on-going operations. For an initial informal exploration without obligation of your M&A needs, call me at 617-818-8783.


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